Move to Canada

Looking to move to Canada

If you are outside of Canada looking to move to Canada, I am not an immigration consultant so I can’t advise you. Here are some suggestions.

Move to Canada Podcast by Arlene Ruiz.

A. Start by listening to this podcast with Arlene Ruiz. She is an immigration consultant and she provides great insights on how to move to Canada.

B. Read this great resource put together by Moving 2 Canada.

Please do keep in mind laws and rules change over time. Some information shared in the 2022 Edition might not be up to date when you read.


If you have a specific immigration issue or looking on how to proceed with your immigration situation, listen to the podcast by Arlene Ruiz first and then reach out to one of these immigration consultants.


You will need to pay for their advice. This is their livelihood Please don’t ask for free advice. Too many people have been burned by people giving ‘free advice’. Get paid advice from professionals. (I do not receive any cut or referral fees from any of these individuals or companies).


How do you ensure you are not cheated by an immigration consultant?

The good thing about registered consultants is they are held accountable by IRCC. They will not put their license (aka their livelihood) in jeopardy.

Ensure any consultant you work with is registered with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). Document everything.


All companies suggested are registered immigration consultants. If you choose not to work with any of them, click here to find others.

I do not receive any commission from any of the consultants referred. I hope these resources can help. Good luck!