I am New to Canada

I am new to Canada

As the border control officers say, welcome home. The sky is the limit in Canada. Here are a few resources for you.

A. This is probably the most important book I read since I arrived in Canada. Please buy it today and buy for a friend as well. It is that important. Canadian Workplace by Matt Adolphe.

B. Join ImmigrantNetworks.com – Yes I know they are our sponsors but it is such a powerful site. You get connected to people in your network. They are pushing to help you get hired. Through immigrantnetworks.com, you get to:

  • Create a professional network
  • Speak to people from your profession
  • Understand your profession in Canada
  • Understand the hidden job market
  • Learn career specific interview skills
  • Get word of mouth referrals
  • Understand alternative careers.

C. Immigrant networks also has some amazing learning videos put together by their Ambassadors. Click here to view. 

D. Read this book by Chidi Iwuchukwu – According to the summary on amazon, reading this guidebook is like having a friend by your side as you navigate everything you need to know about settling into Canadian life, including acquiring necessary legal documents, living arrangements and homeownership, transportation, healthcare, work culture, school systems, government structure, and interpersonal relationships. 

E. Read Nick’s ebook – Nick has an amazing book called “9 Soft Skills No Immigrant should be without”. CLICK HEREto download the free ebook.

F. Here is a great video from one of our ambassadors, Shreeya, at Immigrant Networks. It is called “Change Management for Newcomers”